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In January 2011 I purchased a new Australian Stock Horse Mare. The mare was 4 years old and veryTestimonials Neil & Cassie talented. Once I got her home and started riding her in my existing saddle I was having a great deal of trouble with her where she resented the saddle being put on and she would not hold a trot or a canter for very long. The inevitable happened and I was thrown off injuring my shoulder. In frustration we phoned a good friend and neighbour who has years of horse experience, he dropped by with his custom built Southern Cross Saddle. We saddled the mare up and started riding her around the arena where she did not miss a beat. With more work and some fine tuning the mare is going very kindly and I feel comfortable and confident in the Southern Cross Saddle. I have since ordered a Southern Cross Saddle, my wife lined up for one as well and after riding my mare in this saddle my wifes nephew as well. I had no idea a saddle would have that sort of profound effect on the horse which is the difference between a great day out and a trip to the emergency room. Neil Harris Mt Mort. Qld

Below are some great testimonials sent in by happy and satisfied customers. Proving good service  and customer care are not dead at Southern Cross Saddlery.


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