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Saddle Measure

How to measure your Southern Cross Saddle.

Many saddle companies measure their saddles differently so please follow this guide for the correct measurement so you get the exact fit that you are after.

Saddle Measurements:

#1 Saddle Size: Start at the front edge of the Pommel to the inside edge of the Cantle (back of seat)


Saddle Size: #1

Half Breed Saddle 

#2 Seat Size: Place the tape measure at the mid point of the inside of the Pommel to the inside edge of the Cantle (back of seat)

Seat Size: #2

Swinging Fender Saddle

 Saddle Cleaning Hints

1. Scrub with warm water (not boiling). Use a quality saddle soap with a soft brush or cloth.
2. Rinse well with clean water
3. Wash the felt lining in the same fashion.
4. Allow the saddle to dry in a well ventilated shaded area.
5. When dry, lightly brush rough out with a stiff bristle brush to lift the leather.
6. Once completely dry re apply a good quality leather oil and or leather conditioner.

Things to avoid:
1. Do not dry in direct sun. The sun light will shrink and harden the leather
2. NEVER use hot water
3. NEVER oil a wet saddle
4. NEVER use hot oil.

Saddle Care Tips

To make the leather on your new saddle soft and pliable it needs an oil or application of a quality leather conditioner
You can treat rough out and smooth leather in the same fashion.
Use a quality leather conditioner or Neatsfoot Oil and ensure all surfaces are treated including the hard to reach areas.
Clean and condition your saddle regularly, this reduces the risk of the leather drying out and cracking which will lengthen the life of your saddle.
Store your saddle in a dry dust free area and keep clean for best performance and longevity.
Check your girth, girth points, stirrup leathers and bridles should be checked on a regular basis to avoid equipment failure and risk of injury.
If you feel unsure about the safe operation of your equipment drop your saddle of the Southern Cross for a service and safety check.